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Production and Sales Licence
GEB has the licence of lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer battery for production and sales world-wide. Any company that is willing to kick off a project of lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery may contact with GEB technology team by sending an message to GEB would sell its licence of production and sales, as well as provide with technology and engineering services to who are interested.
Technology Transfer
GEB has 20 years experience in the industry of lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery. In the histroy, GEB had successfully made Technology Transfer to three customers from zero ground to mass production of lithium polymer battery. GEB's technology transfer is included:
1. Proposal and plan of lithium battery project;
2. Large capacity lithium-ion battery technology for EV applications;
3. Lithium polymer battery technology for digital applications;
4. Ultra-thin (0.5mm) lithium polymer battery technology for specail applications;
5. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery for power tool applications;
6. LiFePO4 battery technology;
7. LiMn2O4 battery technology;
8. LiCoO2, NCM, NCA battery technology;
9. Li4Ti5O12/LiCoO2 battery technology;
10. Jelly-roll structure technology;
11. Stacking structure technology;
12. Jelly-roll stacking structure technology;
13. All technical documents, such as instruction of operation and quality control;
14. Staff and personnel training;
15. Other items that customer request.
Engineering Service
Upon customer's requirement, GEB would provide with following Engineering Services:
1. Li-ion or Li polymer battery production flow chart;
2. Product design, upgrade and improvement;
3. Production line planning, workroom separation, working condition setup;
4. Quality control and ensurance;
5. Special applications, such as larger temperature operation, lower than -20℃ or higher than +60℃, high power density over 3000W/kg and high energy density over 250Wh/kg;
6. Battery management system and charge balance;
7. Gel-like electrolyte in the Li polymer battery.
Equipment Sales and Service
Upon customer's requirement, GEB would provide with all kinds of Production or Laboratory Equipment and Machines, manual or automation, for making Li-ion or Li Polymer Battery, as well as their installation and operation training and after sales services:
1. Production equipment, such as Electrode Slurry Mixers, Coater, Canlander, etc.;
2. Battery Testers for battery capacity, cycle life and other performance;
3. Battery Safety Testers for UL standard;
4. Dry box or dry room related equipment;
5. Laboratory equipment, such as puncher and presser.
Battery Materials
Upon customer's requirement, GEB would provide with battery materials as following:
1. Cathode materials, such as LiCoO2, NCM, NCA, LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, LiMnNiO2;
2. Anode materials, such as graphite, Li4Ti5O12 and SiC;
3. Conductive carbon;
4. Binders;
5. Separator;
6. Laminated Al Foils;
7. Sealing CPP tape and tabs;
8. Electrolyte solution;
9. Aluminum can, cylindrical stainless can and presmatic stainless can.
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