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   Mini Stylish 2600mAh        

Product Description

GEB Astro external batteries
Let portable power set you free from limited battery life and scarce power outlets.
GEB Astro external batteries keep you powered up so you can stay connected to
the media that you hold dear.
Which Astro battery is right for you?
Whether you're out all day or passing time on a long flight, there's a perfect GEB
Astro portable charger for your mobile life.
Each GEB Astro external battery is designed to get you powered up, without getting in the way.
Comparable in size to a lipstick or a cell phone, you can easily slip the GEB Astro Mini 2600mAh
external battery into your jeans or purse for easy confidence on the go.


GEB Astro mini 2600mAh external battery packs deliver 8 hours of talk time or one full charge
to your iPhone 4 / 4S / 3G / 3GS; Add 80+ hours of audio playback or a full charge to the battery
life of most mobile phone. For those who just need a boost to get through the last hours of the
day, the GEB Astro Mini and GEB Slimtalk offer a single full charge to your smartphone in a
convenient compact package.
Whether you need to charge your smartphone, iPhone, PSP, or iPod,
we have the right external battery and matching charging tip for you.
Grade A cells and premium microchips ensure 500+ recharge cycles over the life of each external battery.
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