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   power bank        

There are more and more portable electronic products in the world, Such as mobile,phones, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4,GPS. They all have to use batteries, but the battery for built-in battery are low, because the battery capacity can not meet the device appears to the normal use of time.

And finally we developed “Mobile Power Bank”. They can solve many mobile devices, power supply problems in order to solve the power shortage and then make work and travel carefree. Mobile Power Bank with high capacity, they appear Attractive, compact, small size, light weight, easy to carry, and so on. The main advantages of the Mobile Power Bank are listed as below:

1. Lasting powerful, over worth and durable
High-capacity polymer cells, durable. Support for fast charging, no memory effect, up to 1000 charge cycles. Travel outside, the best choice.
2. One Power bank can use in any digital products.
Support for all brand mobile phone, PSP, MP3/MP4, Pocket PC PDA and digital learning machine and other digital products supply power or charging, and comes with compass and outdoor lighting features, with SOS, strong flash and glare lighting, for outdoor activities support more power supply.
3. USB interface, plug and play
Digital product’s charging cable connects to USB interface can be supplied power or charged. The packages attach 4 cables, and there are many different charging cables for you choose. Fit to current market more than 90% brand mobile phone.
4.Sharing the power with whole family, portable and easily use
Push-in foldable AC power plug, exquisite and durable, can be conveniently used by several types of digital devices together, fashion appearance more sophisticated portable.



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